dance instructor

Choosing the right dance instructor.

If you want to learn to dance, well, it’s time to find a dance teacher! While it may seem easy enough to find a good teacher, if you are new to the dance world, you may feel a bit lost. … Read More

Mind Your Manners! The Etiquette in the Ballroom.

Some may think it quite old-fashioned to be given instruction on proper etiquette in the ballroom. While it’s true that some of the suggestions are rooted in a time where there were many rules for behavior in social situations, I … Read More

Wedding Dance Do’s and Don’ts!

Expert Tips for Your Wedding Dance   You have put many important aspects of your wedding into the hands of experienced experts: from venue, photographs, hair/ makeup, flowers. Let a dance professional give you some insider tips on how to … Read More

What do I wear to a dance lesson?

  An important part of learning to dance is wearing clothing that you can move in, and shoes that give you the support you need feel sure on your feet. Many brides plan to wear extremely high heels at their … Read More